Welcome to the Rock of Honor Memorial's Website
PURPOSE OF MONUMENT: To record the names on a granite wall memorial of all veterans from Meridian
who were killed or died from wounds suffered in action during wars and conflicts since the state of Idaho was formally accepted into the Union in 1890.
Our Snail Mail Address is:
Rock of Honor Memorial Inc, PO Box 1531, Meridian, ID 83680-1531

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The Rock of Honor

  1.  The five point star on a blue background: is representative of Idaho’s star on the United States Flag, the #43, Idaho, July 3, 1890 denotes that we were the 43rd state to join the union on that date.
  2. 1893 just above Meridian’s logo is when the City of Meridian was established.
  3. The Pentagon shape represents the five branches of our services.
  4. The words: Preserve, Freedom, Courage and Honor is the Mission of the Rock of Honor Memorial Inc, to preserve our Freedoms that have been handed down by our forefathers, guaranteed by the United States Constitution, and to Honor the people that have had the Courage to defend those rights. To Preserve and Honor the Memory of those who have died in defense of our great nation. To teach and pass on the rights and freedoms we have inherited. To demonstrate the Courage to Honor our veterans Preserving our Freedoms.
  5. The wording is the inscription on the Rock of Honor written by John Harrington Burns.
  6. The image above the wording is an image of the center stones at the Memorial.


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